Title Score
1 2 3 4 5
1.Product Sales          
1.1 How is the design and aesthesis of the product
1.2 Is the product performance consistant
1.3 How you rate the quality of our product
2.Product Rentals          
2.1 Is the product as per your requirement
2.2 How you rate the aesthesis of the product
2.3 How is the performance of the product
3. Staff in Contact          
3.1 At time of contact, was our staff courteus with you
3.2 Was the staff quick and responsive to your enquiries
3.3 How you rate the Technical knowledge of our staff
3.4 Friendliness of our sales and service staff
4. Service          
4.1 Your complaints were recorded and quick action taken
4.2 Was our service person visited your site on time
4.3 How you rate the technical knowledge of our service staff
4.4 Was our service person quick to resolve the service issue
4.5 Was the service issue solved on time and quickly
4.6 How you rate our after sales service
4.7 Overall satisfaction for our service and customer care
5. Delivery/Transportation          
5.1 Was the Delivery ON TIME
5.2 Time of delivery is as per your requirementg
5.3 Delay in delivery was reported in advance
5.4 Overall satisfaction for delivery time/transportation/packing and aesthesics of equipment
6. Document Management          
6.1 What you think about reputation of company
6.2 Doing Business with Ethicst
6.3 Clarity in documents and invoicing
6.4 Invoice are on time and send on time
6.5 Proper care is taken for shipping documents
6.6 Shipping documents are clear and no hidden charges
7. Price Value For Money          
7.1 Is the price is competative with market price
7.2 Was the total cost of use is justified
7.3 You satisfied for your value for money paid
8. Over all Satisfaction          
8.1 Over all Satisfaction level with Namsang Engineering Co.,Ltd.
9. Any Suggestions are welcome to serve you better