Rental Solutions

Rental Services

Namsang Engineering offers the complete emergency power rental service and handles most aspect ourselves - with our wide range of equipment and stock plus quality control process under ISO 9001:2008 standard means we can respond more efficiently, faster and more seamlessly to any emergency, and you get your temporary power sooner. Commonly we do not sub-contract any equipment to third parties to ensure the quality, in case of any cooperation during an emergency all the require equipment must be certified by our QC team. Whether you need to power an event, a factory unit, a building or a good-sized power station, we have all the services and equipment required to deliver a complete solution, making it easy for you to meet all of your requirements through us. Contact NAMSANG (NSE) when you need to rent a power generation for: an emergency, if you are working where there's no mains power or it is being cut off temporarily, or as a standby backup system

Not just the power generator that we offers,


- Diesel Generator; portable sets & soundproof units ranging from 4 KVA to 20 MW included mobile generator, trailer mounted generator, and containerized power modules.

- Mobile Generator; mounted on truck, able to mobile anytime 75 kVA, 185 kVA, 250 kVA, and 400 kVA

- Air Compressor; Top quality of international brands ranging from 90 to 1,300 cfm, pressure from 7 to 24 bar available in trailer and skid type.

- Welding Generator; ranging from 270 To 600 Amp available in trailer and skid type

- Welding Machine; AC and DC, 2 - 8 PACK DC 400 & 600 Amp, Plasma, TIG, and MIG available in trailer and skid type.

- Tower Spotlight; height range from 2 to 5 meter

- Vibro Hammer (Vibration Pile Driver); electric and hydraulic size 3, 5, and 7 ton.

- Rotary Jack Hammer; size 15 kg

- Jack Hammer; size 7 kg and 20 kg

- Office and Storage Container; 20 ft and 40 ft

- Accessories; transformer, controlled box, ac breaker, distribution box, air hose and rubber trailing cable.